FarmFit opens at the Leipziger KUBUS on 11-12 November, 2021


Save the date! Join the network for future-proof business and get your “License to Produce”

FarmFit, the Farm & Food Innovations and Technology event is opening its doors to the young innovators and forward-thinkers of the food production on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th November 2021 in Leipzig, right at the heart of Europe. The Leipziger KUBUS, a modern conference centre with an inspiring atmosphere is the setting selected to kick-off the first two-day networking event.

FarmFit takes place at the Leipziger KUBUS

Leipziger KUBUS is the conference venue of the UFZ, the Centre for Environmental Research, located at the science campus of Leipzig. “We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to host our FarmFit event in a stimulating context like this.” said Heiko M. Stutzinger, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific and VNU Europe.

“While selecting the venue fitting our interactive & inspiring event for tomorrow’s change-makers, we were quite excited to find such a location. It is not only logistically well structured to welcome our young audience and the multiple sessions planned for the event, but it is also the centre of one of the most advanced Environmental Research Centres in Europe” said Zhenja Antochin, VNU Europe Senior Project Manager.

“There is a significant synergy between the Leipziger KUBUS and the nature of our FarmFit event. The launch edition will be built around the theme “My License to Produce”, closely connected to sustainable innovation and improved efficiency in food production. In this sense, the UFZ – Centre for Environmental Research conference venue seemed like a perfect match to host such talks” added Mr. Ruwan Berculo, Program Manager FarmFit.

The “License to Produce” discussion at FarmFit

The business environment in which young European farmers and food producers community operate plays a central role on these entrepreneurs’ daily decisions. The exploitation of natural resources, workers well-being, the animal welfare, the link with surrounding society and other aspects of what is generally understood as sustainable production are driving elements for strategic investment decisions. The “License to Produce” theme aims at connecting farmers with the best practices, innovations and technologies to produce in a way that is environmentally sustainable, financially advantageous, socially appreciated, and marketing successful.

With farmers at the centre of the food production, the topics outline of FarmFit 2021 program includes:
– my farm & The environment
– my farm & Welfare
– my farm & The supply chain
– my farm & Finance
– my farm & Research and Development

Farmers, policy makers, technology developers, Universities & other Institutes of Education, the banking & finance sector, food manufacturers, the retail & distribution will all be part of the discussions.

Plan your time on 11-12 November to join the network in Leipzig

This might be your best opportunity in 2021 to meet, network, and mingle with business peers and top players in the Agri-food system in Europe, after months of travelling restrictions. Joining this unconventional platform for the food production upgrade, can be an incredible boost to your operations.

Leipzig is not only famous for its University with a strong profile on research and transfer. The city also has a lot to present on art, culture and music. Imagine you would like to extend your journey in the region, Leipzig can offer interesting leisure time for you and your business partners to extend the networking opportunities before and after the 2-day event.

Join the FarmFit community now

There are multiple ways to get involved in the FarmFit event community. Sponsorship Opportunities are now open and offer your brand the possibility to come closer to the next generation of Agri-Food makers in Europe. Key profiles and associations can apply to become Event Ambassadors or Partners. For your contribution to the event with topics and ideas, you can reach out to the FarmFit Program Manager, Mr. Ruwan Berculo

Ticket registration for November 11-12, 2021, will open after the summer. Stay up to date with our newsletter, follow us on the official website and engage in the socials discussion #LetsFarmFit

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FarmFit Partners
The European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD Europe), the Rural Youth Europe (RYEurope), Nuffield International Farming Scholars, Smart Agri Hubs, Internet of Food & Farm (IoF2020), Familienbetriebe Land und Forst, International Agri-Food Network (IAFN), Global Dairy Farmers (GDF), the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC), and the Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt (NAJK), and Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft e.V.

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