My Farm & The Environment

Land & Water: land ownership & acquisition; water management; quality: vegetation & diversity; the surroundings; use of chemicals and replacements; yield and the impact of climate change.

Energy: use, reduce and re-use and energy sourcing.

Emissions & Climate control: air quality within and outside the farm.

Manure: reduce; re-use; transformation and trade.

Waste & Circulation: use of (by-)products from (my) crops and from the humane food supply chain; combined animal(s) and plant(s) systems.

Location selection: availability and pricing of land; resources and transportation & logistics; local/national rules & regulations; presence of fellow farmers and partners in the supply chain and vicinity of consumers.

Politics: future policies towards food production; rules & regulations per country; EU impact and finances and reliability.

More information will be announced on this page later on.